#Liquorose is a fine girl that likes to act like she is #smart when she isn’t – #Beatrice #BBNaija

    #Liquorose is a fine girl that likes to act like she is #smart when she isn’t – #Beatrice

    from #BBNaija reveals on a virtual interview where she felt the need to talk about her fellow housemate who is still in the big brother house.

    she went as far as saying that Liquorose is infact a fine girl,

    but the problem then remains that Liquorose thinks and acts like she is smart, when infact she isn’t.

    I am yet to find out how she is in the position, to know who is and isn’t smart,

    when the Liquorose she is talking about is still in that house and still wining things, despite seemingly not smart.

    Aunty Beatrice, if it wasn’t for this interview I wouldn’t even have known who you are.

    i guess she is the expert in matters that concern smartness and brilliance and we all will need her to help us in making a decision over others on how they get to see through people who are supposed to be smart but are not.

    When you are suspecting someone is about to make it in life aka blow, you decide to tall crap about them to see if you can benefit from their new or about to be found fame, and probably blow alongside them. Sheesh..

    Liquorose is a fine girl that likes to act like she’s smart when she’s not – Beatrice

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