#NickCannon insists on denying his #Alterego on the #redcarpert

    #NickCannon insists on denying his #Alterego on the #redcarpert

    Nick Cannon is sure busy, but he definitely makes out time for his Alter Ego to show up, get the highest attention on the RedCarpet and show out.

    He dresses in their most unrecognizable combination of outfits,

    then he goes home,comes on to his Instagram and denies ever being the one there.

    He even went as far as calling out the person doing this, gave his handle and did all that extra thing for the course.

    He is doing that right again.

    Usually i don’t address this social media gossip but after my name was trending WORLDWIDE again for something I didn’t do, I have to say y’all tripping on this one! I have a brand new talk show coming out September 27th ! why would I go on the VMA’s like this? I heard this some corny new rapper named @murdacountharlem I see no resemblance #respectively

    Nick Cannon
    Nick Cannon’s post

    Y’all gonna stop playing with me!! This is not me!!! I’m busy working on my brand new hit talk show in Harlem!!! When would I have time to go all the way to Atlanta for the hip hop awards dressed in my drawlz?!!! #Nickcannonshow

    #NickCannon insists on denying his #Alterego on the #redcarpert

    Nick Cannon’s post

    NickCannon insists on denying his #Alterego on the #redcarpert

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