#Fans wonder if #Britneyspears Dad was right after her nude photos post

    Not long after Britney removed her Dad as the figure head of her Estate, due to the fact that she was controlled like a child, Fans wonder if #Britneyspears Dad was right after her nude photos post came in.

    Britneys Dad once said his daughter had difficulty in keeping to boundaries especially with her finances .

    He feared more irrational behaviours may pop up after her public hair cut saga long before, and the constant questioning of her mental health

    Britney on the other hand us saying she us a mom herself, so why will her parents treat her like she is a child in her 30’s.

    Mr Spears also revealed that Britney needs someone to oversee her affairs to help her make the best decisions fir her brand,

    but Britney is asking them to leave her alone, and channel their energy towards making their is. money instead on fixing everything on hers.

    Not long after this was concluded and get father removed, Britney is not posting her nude photos from her vacation paradise.

    Fans are calling it inappropriate since she has two grown boys and wondering if this was what her father meant when he talked about boundaries .

    Britney spears posted photos
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