#KekePalmer celebrates ‘National My Man Day’ with her #Man #DariusDaulton

    KekePalmer celebrates ‘National My Man Day’ with her #Man #DariusDaulton

    Reposted from @keke Apparently it’s National “My Man” Day 🥴Very odd territory for a Virgo.

    However, I will share the joy of these moments as they are quite divine! (And happiness this contagious should be shared I think.)

    @dariusdaulton you my bestttttfriend like Kanye said, we talk to God everyday, he’s our bestie! I’m so happy to know you,

    what a surprise to connect to an Aquarius like this, I’m shook(shout out to @msjanehandcock). You are the kindest man I know, second to my Dad.

    And you actually seem smarter than me (veryyyy hard to do 🤪) Without being too mushy because I HATEEEE THAT,

    it feels really nice to not be afraid to show this kind of care for someone that I don’t share the same blood with.

    I thought it could never happen, I can be quite guarded, but I appreciate you for being a safe space.

    I will always cherish what you have given me.I’m cringed by this whole post..I’m really getting old. 😅

    At this rate if you are single and happen to be close/around Keke, who is making the so called celebration louder than what it actually is, then you will have every reason to call on your Ex or even make a random man yours, just so you can keep up with this praise and worship. If she thinks this post made her cringe, then she is right, because I am super worried for when things turn sour between them, because she will have to locate this post and delete it fast. But for now, I love that she is happy and I love their love.

    Your online best friend. I love to write, I hope you love to read.💝💖

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