#Socialmedia #influencer #LauraIkeji calls out builders/developers over their #swimmingpool desperation

    Blogger #LindaIkeji’s younger sister and Social media #influencer #LauraIkeji ,

    has called out builders/developer in Lagos over their swimming pool desperation.

    According to the mother of two, swimming pools are being force on the smallest plot of land ,

    so that they can either sale or rent for an outrageous amount.

    From the photo posted, the little post made the difference in payment, which she obviously isn’t pleased with.

    She went ahead to reveal that these pools come in the size of a pond, and just for their presence in a house,

    the prices shoot through the roof to the satisfaction of these builders, who endanger lives and properties.

    Not sure what this call out will benefit her, but ad long as Lagos and Land are involved, all kinds of things will shock you. So she is clearly shocked, and that makes it serious .

    She added:

    And it is not even safe! 400sq with a pool or 350sq with a pool isn’t that a death trap? it’s getting ridiculous man!

    Y’all never have enough space for car park, no backyard, no side space, y’all build 3 houses on a plot of land and squeeze in the pool. Just ridiculous!

    Her Post

    Dear Lagos Landlords, where is the lie? I understand the need to maximize space,

    but making your home occupants uncomfortable and then endangering their lives in the process is a “No,No”.

    Hoe you people build these homes and assume they are super attractive is just weird.

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