Video proves that #AlexRodriguez is not your ideal #Tiktok partner

    Video proves that #AlexRodriguez is not your ideal #Tiktok partner as seen .

    The 45 year-old father is seen dancing to a song along side his daughter. He looked like he didn’t pay attention to the dance moves,

    he was just fulfilling all righteousness by doing like he was asked.

    In all honesty, if we are to judge by these dance moves, then we would give him ‘C’ for trying, and alittle 2 for the actually dance move.

    He did that for sure.

    The Dance video posted by AROD

    Since the break up from Jennifer Lopez, Alex has been channeling his time and emotions yo his chidlren. He is constantly explaining that he is having a good time with his family, and family is everything.

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