#BBN : #Boma stands tall and FIRM like the Okra King he is

    Our dear friend Boma from the just concluded Big brother Naija season 6, has revealed he is the okra king, and didn’t waste any time in convincing us as he stood tall and FIRM like a tall glass of wine.

    Boma whose slim nature is not holding him back from presenting a personality that is twice as tall.

    This time he came bearing gift and we believe him and in him.

    Boma whose bad boy reputation precedes him, is finally not paying any attention to whatever is being said about him,

    especially after he was seen hanging out with Husband to Jackie b, the married lady he had a thing for in the house.

    Both of them have denied ever letting their sheninegan get out of hand.

    They accepted to have been involved in all shades of make out, but never had any intentions of making it get to real sex.

    Since leaving the show, they have both explained, apologized, and denied the allegations leveled against them by the world who watched them on nation tv.

    Your online best friend. I love to write, I hope you love to read.💝💖

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