#Instagram Commedienne #Ashmusy reveals how hopeless she felt during the App Crash

    It is no news that alot of people make their living from social media, so you would have imagined what people felt when they realized that the App was down.

    The comedians, the chef, those who promote one thing or the other, including their YouTube channels,

    so it wasn’t a fun feeling for some people who had to assume the worst for their budding career.

    One of those people is Comedian Ashmusy. She shared/expressed her feeling using a photo of a lady sitting on the ground.

    In the real sense of it, that photo symbolizes hopelessness. The fact that was at th verge of losing what she loved doing due to the App crash, scared her.

    We all are happy the App is back up and running. people are daily being reminded that there is a live outside social media .

    Having to be reminded of this, is a case on its own. You have the social media life where everyone is a painter.

    They paint pictures of how they want to be perceived, and even stop at nothing to ensure their intentions are known.

    which is why people take it as a duty to remind people that they shouldn’t believe all they see, read and hear about people on social media, because they are sometimes all lies.

    Your online best friend. I love to write, I hope you love to read.💝💖

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