#Brymo and #2baba : Sonia Ogiri yet again fires back at #Daddyfreeze

    from @soniaogiri @daddyfreeze You shooting yourself , did @brymolawale invite you to speak 🗣 on this? Why all this Sesquipedalian write ✍️ up on top this small matter? Oh I see, you want to show your followers you know big grammatical words 🤣🤣. Sir I thought you were well educated BUT I clearly see you are untutored. First I didn’t insult you, all I did was ask questions with ??????? (Question marks.)Using Homo sapiens which I and you is classified as makes me laugh at you. You are so quick jumping into matters arising online. Question: did you know if he tried reaching out privately? Do you know efforts people make via Instagram dms, what’s app, private texting, calling etc before resulting to calling out on Instagram? The person in question hasn’t responded but you assail immediately, learn to digest information before you put your mouth. You think 🤔 I’m frustrated at my age with good health and all my achievements? I’m Libra and I stand for truth and justices 👩‍⚖️ unlike you that is always going to where FOOD 🥘 don done (where e dey happen) I still remembered your switch from hushpuppi after going to eat with him. I sometimes support you fighting FAKE pastors but who knows if na some of their prayers no make you know your right from your left. You are not perfect but we are managing you as a person too so stop judging everyone’s matter. I have a lot to TELL you BUT 🤐🤐

    Your online best friend. I love to write, I hope you love to read.💝💖

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