#Domesticviolence : Lady gives update about her son to man who beat her while she was #pregnant

    from @the_arielb Domestic violence is no joke, the effects that it takes on your mental and physical health can destroy you, and also being pregnant.

    That had to be the lowest moment of my life!In August 2019, I was woken up by a neighbor unconscious and bleeding in the front yard of my apartment complex.

    I will never forget crying and screaming barricaded inside of my bathroom as I dialed 911 for help trying to vigorously clean my face of all the blood.

    I was beaten, left alone, and he stole my car! This all happened 48 hours before I had to go to meet your teacher at public school for my children.

    I will never forget the amounts of make up I had to use to cover all of my facial bruises, the amount of hair I had to brush along the sides of my face so that no one can see my profile.

    The large oversized hat I wore low on my forehead so that no one can see directly into my eyes. Parts of me were so raw, embarrassed, ashamed, I was beaten by my husband!

    That was someone who was supposed to keep me safe, someone I wanted to grow old with, someone I took rows to in front of my entire family, someone who was the father of my children.

    My life was falling apart quickly, but to be honest this was not the first time but I was too afraid at first to get help.

    I am no longer afraid, I’m not saying picking up the pieces of my life was easy, but it was so damn worth it!

    To all of my domestic violence survivors or to my women that are in a domestic violence relationship I wish I could hug you.

    But the best thing I can tell you is to get help, and to get out now! ASAP!I can see all of your silent tears at night that you cry, as he sleeps peacefully & unbothered next to you.

    I can hear all of the broken promises that he will never ever do it again.

    And I can feel your inside desire to want to scream out loud for help but you ARE so embarrassed of this weak person you’ve become.

    Get help for the little girl inside of you that use to play, run & smile so freely. Get help for the teenage you that was so confident and proud and self-assured.

    And get help for the adult female version of you that damn sure deserves to be happy, safe, loved!#enoughisenough #gethelp #domesticviolence #💔

    Your online best friend. I love to write, I hope you love to read.💝💖

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