#Nigerian Governors in Paris for #Agriculture and Economic development meetings with the #French Government

    Governor Seyi Makinde and a few other Nigerian Governors are in Paris for Agriculture and Economic development meetings with the #French Government.

    Governor Seyi of Oyo shared the news on his LinkedIn handle, with photos of himself and other Nigerians, who visited France for development meetings.

    According to the announcement, the Governor wrote :

    Yesterday, we were in Paris for bilateral meetings between the French Government and a few Nigerian State Governments.

    We discussed strategic partnerships on agriculture and economic development.

    I look forward to hosting the French ambassador Designate to Nigeria in Oyo State soon.

    We hope this meeting actually yields something and not just clout chasing/sight see/mini vacation.

    Because to be honest I’m not clear with what exactly the partnership is all about despite the title. Fine, a big name has been given to the meeting, but what is it all about?

    Will the French Government give Money to Nigeria specifically for agriculture and exports the produce,

    or will they take up agriculture in a part of Nigeria and pay tax to the Country,

    or they giving farm machines to Nigerian farmers for better farming experience,

    or they are providing Nigeria with genetically modified seedlings which reduces the time between germination and harvest,

    or Will Nigerian farmers be taught a better,easier, advanced way of farming?

    What exactly is this partnership all about Governor please?

    Because French in not so spectacular in agriculture, in my opinion.

    Abi this meeting was intentionally sited in Paris for obvious reasons and won’t produce any of these things its name implies.

    We are watching you all, We are watching.

    The Governor’s post

    Nigerian Governors in Paris for Agriculture and Economic development meetings with the French Government

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