#Canadian Woman shares her story to mark her 15th year in #Nigeria

    #Canadian Woman shares her story to mark her 15th year in #Nigeria

    A Canadian LinkedIn user has shared her life story, atleast a summary of it, on her 15 anniversary in a Country like Nigeria, after she only planned to stay for 2 years in the beginning.

    The woman named Thessa Bagu has written an epistle to mark her 15th year in Lagos Nigeria. Shared her story in her LinkedIn page and it read:

    Today marks my 15 year in #Nigeria. I was supposed to be here for 2 years, a career break if sort, but you never know what life has in store for you.

    This is always the day that I reflect on the turn my life took, a turn for the better I must add, when I moved to Nigeria.

    I reflect on this while stuck in traffic. I live in Lagos and traffic is the daily stapl.Lyckily it doesn’t rain as then a canoe would be more useful to navigate the City.

    Everyday here comes with it’s unique set of challenges, often entirely unpredictable and very often also totally unnecessary.There are days you just want to pack up and go

    I’ve half jokingly asked people to give me reasons to stay. Since morning people sent me statements like

    “you can really have an impact here”, “business opportunities that allow you to make alot of money”, “Jollof rice “, “affordable childcare”,

    “The Weather here sustains beauty”, Cultural and natural richness,” and “great music” Is any of this compelling enough?

    The truth is that Nigeria has blessed me with a fabulous family, amazing friends, a thriving business and much more .

    I’ve been lucky to have been most parts, meet super interesting situation that have grown me as a human being .

    Nigeria’s has made me an optimist ,and in thee days of wide spread of widespreed poverty , insecurity and general Wahala I’d like to think that “tomorrow go Betta” .

    So no, you won’t see me in Canada any time soon.

    Your online best friend. I love to write, I hope you love to read.💝💖

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