#Telegram enjoys massive download after #MarkZuckerberg’s WhatsApp broke hearts

    #Telegram enjoys massive download after #MarkZuckerberg's WhatsApp broke hearts

    Telegram enjoys massive download after #MarkZuckerberg’s WhatsApp broke hearts

    Following the recent crash of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp,

    many people were given a wake-up call on how much time they spend in social media,

    how dependent they are on social media for entertainment and getting through their day, and most importantly, getting in touch with friends and loved ones.

    Many have realized how risky it is to give so much power to these apps, especially putting all their eggs in one basket.

    They are now seeking alternative means to staying active and connected in case of another crash.

    Telegram is one of the apps that have enjoyed the enjoyed the devidends of facebook mistake. Now this is a good thing for users to always stay in touch with clients, family and friends.

    Some have not gotten a hang of it, but they are willing to learn, so they won’t be completely cut off when this crash happens again.

    Since telegram informs it’s users of their contact who recently joined the app,

    I will say that I have gotten a ton of notifications from telegram, telling me which member of my contact has joined it downloaded the app.

    I think we should say a big congratulations to this app, for being readily available for when it is most needed.

    Your online best friend. I love to write, I hope you love to read.💝💖

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