#White Man recreates #childhood photo in #Maiduguri after 40 years

    #White Man recreates #childhood photo in #Maiduguri after 40 years

    A bold, courageous and fearless white man is trending on the lips of Nigerians,

    after the news broke of his travel back to Maiduguri at this Boko Haram and bandit area of Northern Nigeria , to recreate his childhood photo with a tree.

    According #lindaikejiblogofficial A white man, Swen Abel, believed to be from the Netherlands,

    visited Borno State and recreated a childhood photo of himself clinging to a tree in Maiduguri almost 40 years ago.

    The Childhood photo from 40 years ago

    Rahma Monguno, son of late former Nigerian minister and influential Borno politician,

    Shettima Ali Monguno, shared the interestiong story on Facebook today, October 7.

    According to Rahma, the house where the tree is located was built by his late father,

    adding that Abel and his family were the first occupants.

    The recreated photo from 2021 during his visit to the land

    He also disclosed that Abel’s father was the one who planted the tree. “Yesterday, was one of the most fascinating days of my life.

    Swen Abel, was a young boy, when last he was here with His family,

    as residents and the first occupants of the house our Father (of Blessed memory) built, as we moved in straight after them,” he wrote.

    “He clung onto the same tree he did almost fourty years ago, with the same agility I might add.

    To add icing to this cake, Swen called his Father across the ocean, and we chatted for long, as he had the kindest words to say about our late Parents, and I told him,

    his legacy lives on, in the numerous trees he planted whilst a tenant, including the one with the ever so thoughtful son.

    “Thank you for the visit my long lost brother. May our blessings be plentiful, as the good you do, in different ways, can follow you for long and beyond”

    It is adorable how you can write this beautiful epistle about this white man but never would write such for your fellow Nigerian from the South.

    Your online best friend. I love to write, I hope you love to read.💝💖

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