#Wizkid is not Good He is just lucky – #Twitter User pokes

    #Wizkid is not Good He is just lucky - #Twitter User pokes

    A certain female twitter user with a pack of vawulence has come for our super star hit maker Wizkid.

    The lady in question aired her opinion and it seems to have bothered the die hard fans of the 31 year old Nigerian singer.

    The attention seeking statement.

    The Lady posted :

    “Get this straight. Wizkid is not good , he does mid songs and gets lucky. Let’s just say it’s grace, remove grace and Wizkid is grass”

    We are sure she is not having the best time of her life after saying what said, because Wizkid fans must have responded to her in a shapes and form.

    Now first of, Wizkid is good. I honestly don’t know what she meant by he sings “Mid” songs.

    if she thinks he is nothing without grace, then That’s just a but too much and unrealistic.

    We are all riding on that grace. So if she takes out Wizkid’s, then she needs to equally take her grace out as well,

    because we all are at God’s mercy, and there is nothing like taking grace out.

    Since we can’t take grace out, then Wizkid has grace and he is lucky. These all made him a good Star Boy.

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