#FeetalHospital brings awareness to #BartholinCysts

    #FeetalHospital brings awareness to #BartholinCysts

    For our fit Friday, #Feetalhospital (name on Instagram) brings awareness to #BartholinCysts

    from @feetalhospital Bartholin cysts will look like round bumps under the skin on the lips of your vagina (labia).

    Typically, Bartholin’s cysts will go away on their own, but CALL your doctor;If you notice a painful,

    swollen lump on the labia near the vagina opening and it does not improve with 2 to 3 days of home treatment.

    If the pain is severe and interferes with your normal activity .

    If you have one of these cysts and develop a fever higher than 38°C.

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