Woman Sues #GEICO for $1m after contracting #STD from man she slept with in the car

    Woman Sues #GEICO for $1m after contracting #STD from man she slept with in the car

    It seems someone thought linga ND hard enough for this move to eat their cake and definitely have it. A lala land Woman and man we’re said to have Sued #GEICO for $1m after contracting #STD from man she slept with in the car.

    Before we go on, I’d like to know how it even became an idea to involve this company in this STD issue.

    Anyway, according to #Theshaderoom, A Missouri woman is asking for $1million from GEICO,

    after she realized she had gotten a sexually transmitted disease from a man she had sexual encounters with in backseat of the car.

    There seems to be no limit to what people can do when it comes to longing for other people’s money.

    According to information from the source, the car was covered by the man’s insurance. Now in all of this,

    I am still finding it hard to know the point at which the decision to involve the company came in, because it is just weird. But then again anything is possible.

    Not in the mood for any jokes, GEICO has since counter sued in a federal court accusing the man and woman of partnering to cash all the out on them.

    ______@DailyMail reports GEICO has since filed a counter suit in federal court, accusing the man and woman–who have chosen to remain anonymous during court proceedings–of colluding in order to come up on a massive payday.______The insurance company is now challenging the pair’s court-given right to stay anonymous in order to proceed with this case. The woman, who is only referred to as M.O. in court documents, filed a liability suit against the popular agency after having unprotected sex with the man, labeled M.B., in the backseat of his 2014 Hyundai Genesis in 2017.______As a result, the woman claims she tested positive forβ€”click the link in our bio to read more. πŸ“Έ: @gettyimages

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