If I find #MrRight I’m ready to delete all my #socialmedia accounts – #Princessshyngle

    If I find Mr Right I'm ready to delete all my social media accounts - #Princessshyngle

    Another day another revelation, and it seems October took a cue from September in the weird celebrity news.

    Princess Shyngle is yet again sending out invite to these social media hating men.

    The Actress and Entrepreneur is revealing the extent she is willing to go when she finds Mr Right.

    She posted : If I meet Mr Right and he is uncomfortable with me being on social media, I’m ready to delete all my social media accounts just to make him happy.

    Princess wrote this while asking her followers if they would go that far to make Mr Right happy .

    Princess who was recently divorce is showing no signs of regret from it as she moves all the way on from there.

    she added: I’ll do this in a heartbeat but only for Mr Right though.Ladies would you delete your social media account for a man.?

    There are reasons to believe that she isn’t going to be deleting nothing, as her businesses strive on and by social media. She can’t mess with her source of income for a man. Not now.

    This only implies that Mr Right better be carry something huge if you know what I mean.

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