#KimKardashian’s Opening #SNL Monologue has everyone cracking up

    #KimKardashian's Opening #SNL Monologue has everyone cracking up

    Kim Kardashian must have done her research before taking up this SNL hosting role, because she knows these fans are obsessed with her family members, and call them out on everything.

    Kim gave a monologue that seemingly said the kind of these fans. From taking a jab at her husband Kanye, to her sisters and herself .

    She understood the assignment

    If there is any set of people with an awesome mind, it will be these Kardashian Jenner Sisters. They know Kim is doing it for obvious reasons, and they won’t take any of her speeches personally.

    They will laugh even harder than the fans, we hope Kanye and Corey Gamble share the same view, as Kanye isn’t your idle jokester.

    Dear Kim, now they know you can make a joke without laughing in order to keep the laugh lines intact.

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