#Cardib plans a #Dancehall party to mark her 29th #birthday

    #Cardib plans a #Dancehall party to mark her 29th #birthday

    Happy 29th birthday to Cardib. Now how is she going to have a dance hall party when she just welcomed her son?

    Cardi please beware of tear, these dancehall moves will slit the Vijayjay and send you back to all kinds of doctors.

    Dancehall Cardi? Dancehall?

    I am suspecting the enemies put you up to this, but your better reject that and do the style of dancehall where you stand. It better not be the one where they do it like prettyvee in the picture below.

    But then again, Cardi is not your regular girl. You are a mother of two now, party like it is your birthday. Oh, wait a minute, it is your birthday.

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