#KylieJenner debuts her #Halloween #Cosmetics collection

    #KylieJenner debuts her #Halloween #Cosmetics collection

    If there is one thing about Kylie it is that her business strategy is impeccable. The 24 year old pregnant mothe of one is smart of enough to have done her Halloween shoot long before she started showing.

    Without revealing exactly how far long she is, Kylie Jenner who is heavily pregnant has now season.

    She released her Halloween collection.

    The bloody shoot themed “A Nightmare on Elm Street” has her sitting in a red liquid, which signified blood on her to go in line with the current American season.

    With her girls displaying the entire collection I’m an Ice truck while driving around to deliver it, is yet another good chunk of idea. Good work Kylie.

    Guess there is about to be a Halloween sell out on if you ask me. While the Pregnant 24 year-old is supervising, her role is being managed by her Momager who never gets tired of pulling in the funds.

    Dont we just love Kris Jenner and her availability?.

    The ride along girls
    The Ice Cream Truck girls
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