If I ever said marriage is not an achievement, I take it back – #Eriataese

    If I ever said marriage is not an achievement, I take it back – #Eriataese

    Ese Eriata has suddenly woken up to certain reality many would want to here about. The former BBNaija star I saying her kind and she doesn’t care who’s not relating or in support if her findings.

    The influencer posted in her Instagram story :

    For the first time in my entire life, I wish I was Mrs Seen! Today I dressed like a proper married woman: and you know with the king of body I have, bubu outfit makes me look like a rich man’s wife.

    The respect is totally different. It’s different from the rich bad b*tch expensive look; if I ever said marriage is not an achievement” which I doubt” please I take it back!!!

    Indeed; how you dress mattes alot and I’m so happy for Everytime I cover up fully: it comes with so much respect .you don’t wanna know the respect I command when I’m fully dressed. Even at a check point @mid night.Omo!!!

    My sister’s, dress how you want to be addressed!

    Especially when you are with your girls.You can dress how u like when you are with ur man. if I don’t want to attract insult: dress well.

    My Opinion: Someone had been working tirelessly to weaken these feminists, and it seems to be working.

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