#Blogger alleges a thick domestic violence is ongoing in the #Idibia household

    According to post making headline, blogger #thephenomenal_girl made a post alleging that the peace we thought had returned to the Idibia family following the baby mama, has indeed gone.

    Following the news that Pero us back in the country, Annie hasn’t said anything, talk more if debunking the allegations.

    She posted:

    Annie I thought you posted that everything is okay with you and 2face, why were you raving mad yesterday in the house, to the extent that soldiers came to separate fight.

    If you people are tires of the marriage just go your separate ways.

    That’s how you split his head with a fire extinguisher at uncle Nosa’s hotel in Asokoro. Hoe you trashed a room in wells Carlton breaking tv and mirror because you are fighting him for paying too much attention to Pero. Everything with you is violence.

    Annie zukwanuike.Igbo people say that ogbu mma adighi ekwe ka mma ga ya na azu. He who lives by the sword doesn’t allow anybody with even an ordinary knife, pass behind him. When you were sleeping with Sylvia Edem’s husband, you didn’t know they will sleep with your own too.

    from @thephenomenal_girl Nawa oo. Thought this matter has been settled? Hmm#thephenomenalgirl

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