#Incest : Nigerian twins who welcomed children together, at loggerheads after the brother decides to find a wife

    Incest : Nigerian twins who welcomed children together, at loggerheads after the brother decides to find a wife

    A Unity FM staff named Bello lukman, has posted a rather disturbing news about an incest obsessed twins.

    According to the story he narrated, it read:

    Amos and Juliana Kunde are win siblings. They are from Guma local government area of Nassarawa state. They are farmers having lost their parents to Gunmen attack.

    They reloacted to doku in Doma local government area of Nassarawa state.

    The twins , about and a girl started an emorous relationship and in January 2015, Juliana became pregnant for her twin brother.

    Few months ago, Juliana gave birth to a bouncing baby boy. Her twin brother was again responsible for the pregnancy after they had moved to The Ugba village in Keana LGA where the people thought they were husband and wife.

    Trouble however started when Amos informed Juliana that he was set to marry a legitimate wife.

    Juliana his twin will have none of it, saying he must marry her.

    But he however reminded her they were twins and she needed to look for a husband to marry.

    Some stories in life are shitty, and this is one of those stories. he didn’t think to find a lady and date and eventually marry when he started sleeping with his sister, thereby leaving his single sister for a man to come marry her like nature intended.

    After getting her pregnant and she has two chidlren for him, he is now trying to leave her and find another wife, because chidlren go with their mother.

    he gets to eat his cake and have because he is a man. It is almost impossible for her to find someone now, following the circumstances surrounding the incestuous relationship that has led to nearing of children.

    Both of them and disgusting to have started it in the first, even more stupid to have the first and second children, and then her brother is incredibly selfish and even more disgusting to be looking for a wife after his disgusting choices.

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