Kpokpogri deletes public apology after evidence of his S*xcapade with married #JaneMena surfaced

    They say the guilty runneth when no one pursueth. Kpokpogri deletes his public apology to Jane Mena, her husband and her parents, for the supposed accusation about extra marital affairs with him.

    But since evidence of his S*xcapade with married #JaneMena surfaced from his Recorded phone call where he explicitly explained how he had her sexual marathon with Jane Mena.

    The one and only Kpokpogri deleted the apologies and went into his hiding mode.

    Recall that he once explained that the only connection he had with Jane, was when he visited her at her shop opening.

    He Wrote :

    Yes! Beyond going to her shop opening years back, our relationship has only been on phone. We have been family friends for years and the husband someone that’s close to me.

    it is a taboo where I come from to sheep with a married woman even though I am still single, worse of all, with a married Isoko lady who will pay the ultimate price if she does that .

    Do not drag her and any other name in your imagination into our ship that has long sank. I have live and living a clean life. No amount of blackmail can pull me down.

    from @ijeomadaisy Update : Kpokpogri has deleted his public apology to Jane Mena’s husband which he made days after it was alleged that she had an extra-marital affair with him.

    In the now deleted apology which was posted on his Instagram page, the embattled lover boy extolled Jane Mena’s husband’s virtues, saying he was a “good man” who didn’t deserve being ridiculed in public.

    Shockingly, that apology has been yanked off Kpokpogri’s page hours after Gistlover released a voice note where he exposed his s**capades with his ‘family friend’s’ wife.

    from @lindaikejiblogofficial Hours after an audio recording of him confirming he had sex with a certain Jane who is married,

    Tonto Dikeh’s ex-boyfriend, Prince Kpokpogri, has archived or deleted an apology he wrote to dancer Janemena,

    her husband and her family. In the post which he shared on September 27, Kpokpogri apologized to Janemena’s husband Mr. Andre, and her parents over the embarrassment they might have suffered after his ex,

    Tonto Dikeh, publicly alerted Janemana that he has her old and recent sex tapes in his possession.

    See screenshot of the apology below On Saturday, October 16, an audio recording of him speaking about the sexual prowess of a certain Jane surfaced online.

    Prince who spoke in pidgin English said he and Jane have had ”dirty sex” and that Jane mentioned to him that the sex they’ve had she has not experienced it with her husband in the nine years they’ve been together.

    A check on his IG page shows the apology he posted on his IG page to Janemena’s family has disappeared


    I woke up this morning feeling very uneasy and decided to say this form the depth of my heart.

    To the family I respect ,love and hold in high regards, I am deeply sorry.

    First and foremost, I also want to use this medium to apologize to Jane’s husband, Mr Andre, it’s an unfortunate incident on how your wife was dragged into this.

    You are a good man and I have always commended you for your support towards Jane and her craft multiple times.

    I deeply apologize over and over again, Mr Andre. We have been family friends for over 3years+ and I hope we still remain friends even after these issues has surpassed.

    I also want to profusely apologize to Janes parents who are also mine.

    I am sorry that I brought these upon the family unknowingly, Jane has always hated social media drama and doesn’t want to involve herself which a lot of persons can testify.

    To the entire family , I am deeply sorry . please do find a place in your hearts of hearts to forgive me. My relationship with your family has been nothing but beautiful, peaceful and I hope it remains this way.

    Your online best friend. I love to write, I hope you love to read.💝💖

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