Nigerian women warned against #kpokpogri following his lose mouth reputation

    Nigerian women warned against #kpokpogri following his lose mouth and reputation

    from @kemiashefonlovehaven Dear Tonto Dikeh,It’s with great pleasure that concerned babes in Naija penned down this missive.

    Hope you are well? If so, doxology.We just want to ask you these questions.*Where did you meet Prince Kpokpogri?

    *Who introduced you to each other?*Was he this garrulous when you were dating him and calling him your King?Tonto dear, please intensify your police case which you have instituted against Prince because very soon, a version of the dawn-to-dusk sex which he had with you will be released.

    This voice note is not only about Jane Mena alone. He has said worse things about you and they are waiting for the day to launch it.He talks too much.

    He’s a Kiss-and-tell. He isn’t one you should have flaunted on social media. This man is a blackmailer and seeks attention.

    Please look before you leap..never date a guy who doesn’t know what not to say while on the phone.

    We Remain yours,Signed Naija Babes Against Kiss-and-tell Guys.Https

    from @kemiashefonlovehaven Ladies , go and pick your flashlight before we go ahead Is it on now? Abeg switch it on and beam it on Prince Kpokpogri’s face.

    Stare at him well. Done that?Never date a Kiss-and-tell like Prince.

    Never take such a man to your child’s school and present him as your true love Don’t ever record any erotic sex just because you think you love him See why Tonto Dikeh is running to the police to pick Kpokpogri?She has her tapes with him too and doesn’t want him to release such to the public.Beware of men like Prince PKpokpogri..they lurk everywhereHttps

    Your online best friend. I love to write, I hope you love to read.💝💖

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