#PornStar files a defamation lawsuit against colleagues for accusing her of #Sex with #Canine

    #PornStar files a defamation lawsuit against colleagues for accusing her of #Sex with #Canine. Even though these days, filing doesn’t necessarily means you are innocent, it is however better than physical altercations and attacks.

    According to #Itsonsite, a Los Angeles porn star legally named Litzy Lara Banulos, has expressed her dissatisfaction and total unacceptance of her colleagues accusation.

    The horizontal Entrepreneur filed a defamation lawsuit against two horizontal Entrepreneur colleagues.

    Willis claims they created false narratives about her to the public alleging that she engages in sexual activities with a canine, which wasn’t a good image for her career, and may end up damaging to her horizontal reputation an act she considers malicious.

    According to #itsonsite :

    The porn star says her rivals, Gianna Dior, whose real name is Emily Katherine Correro, and Adria Rae, whose birth name is Kierstan Vanbelkum,

    has ruined her chances at future opportunities by spreading a rumor of her being a part of a bestiality video making its rounds throughout social media, per My News LA.

    According to the lawsuit filed in court on Tuesday, “There was a considerable rumor, speculation,

    and innuendo about the identities of the performers within the industry, including on social media.

    It was a scandal, and a highly salient one, with obvious potential to destroy careers.” The suit also said, both women “[have] much to gain” by including Willis in the scandal.

    Willis, who is successful in the adult industry, was named female performer of the year at the Adult Video News Awards,

    which is a prominent recognition in the adult industry. Reports say Willis has nearly 723,000 followers on Twitter, while both Dior and Rae have roughly 414,000 and 168,000.

    The suit noted that Twitter is a significant platform and component in which people in the adult industry use to communicate.

    The lawsuit added, “Beyond the obvious economic harm, this was extremely embarrassing and distressing.

    But worse, to untold others in the industry and the consumer base, [Willis] may never have a chance to fully clear her name.”

    Willis wants more than $5 million in damages, in addition to punitive damages . #Clique, What are your thoughts on this one?

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