Stop Calling to threaten me because of my #affiliations with your fave, I’m Single – #Angel

    Stop Calling to threaten me because of my #affiliations with your fave, I’m Single – #Angel tell suspected females fans of her hug brother naija colleagues.

    The 21 year old is revealing she has been the target of weird anonymous calls from those people who thought she was around WhiteMoney because they were interested in a romantic relationship with him.

    she wrote via her Instagram status:

    I’m not a messy person at all, especially in real life, I like my space and I like to avoid confrontation but this is me putting it out there that I’ve been getting death threats from “no caller IDs” regarding my “relationship status”.

    I’ve stated time and time again, that I am single and frankly I promise I will not be chasing anything that will take away my peace.

    Please stop calling me to threaten me because of my affiliation with your “fave”. I am single.Thank you

    I will also like to state that you can not dictate who I choose to be friends with, I have no intention of stealing your fave from whoever.

    Please leave me out of whatever enmity is trying to be formed . I am only focused on my brand.

    I am.too content within myself to be out here dragging anyone’s man.All I’ve ever needed is myself and I can do very well by myself . Thank you.

    Your online best friend. I love to write, I hope you love to read.💝💖

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