#TiwaSavage accused of stealing Her “Somebody Son” dance from #Wizkid

    #TiwaSavage accused of stealing Her “Somebody Son” dance from #Wizkid. A certain Star boy fan has raised eyebrow with his discovery.

    The fan alleged the famous someone son dance Tiwa has had her fans dancing, was actually a dance step that she reportedly took from Wizkid.

    But this song was released this year and she hasn’t been in taking terms with Wizkid, so how did she even get to steal.ot this year? Just saying.

    Someone can easily accuse anyone of anything, but without evidence it doesn’t hold water. So this young man can go on and make all these accusations that he can’t back up.

    Reposted from @yabaleftonline FC dun accuse Tiwa o. (Swipe)

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