#Royal #Celebration : Happy birthday to the King Ooni of Ife

    Happy birthday to the

    from @ooniadimulaife Our nation must boldly take a departure from its armchairs tradition of concentration on 75% oil export revenue for all our earnings and begin to intelligently and constructively drive a transformation of its creative culture as a new economy model. Creative culture economy through flexible policies will help to build significant earning from non-oil sectors which our nation critically seeks. The time to do it is now. _Adire, which is passed down to us by our Ancestors can be traced to thousands of years. It’s a rich heritage that has the ability to create thousands of jobs for our young vibrant population, increase the GDP and create significant prosperity for many. I creatively harnessed the branding of the just concluded Olojo festival using Adire fabric to depict my mission of blending tradition with modernity and expanding the narratives of the beauty of our culture and heritage to our global world. _The textile industry has the potential to be one of the biggest industries with capacity to enhance the drive of our non-oil export commodities as its premium, relevance and sustainability cannot be matched.Cc @adireooduahub

    from @ooniadimulaife ìtanijí sí ìgbé ayé àwọn baba ńlá wa nípa ìrìnàjò ẹ̀mí, ṣíṣe àfihàn tó yanrantí àti fí fi ọkàn wa rọ̀ mọ́o̩ ní tòótó̩_A foray into our forebears life through spirituality, creative images and lens of devotion.

    Reposted from @ooniadimulaife Parenting can be a big dream with unique challenges. It’s never a game of squid. I have had my share of its beauty as a young Father who was blessed with the most precious daughter at the age of 19. It was a huge responsibility for me, and I relied on a leap of faith and determination. The Journey with my daughter, Princess Adeola was incredibly filled with uncertainty as a young Father, nonetheless, I guided my heart with all diligence and girded my loins for all the challenges.
    Reminiscent of the past, those steps of moulding and shaping the future of another life were huge tasks and calculated risk. Based on my recollection, I lived through pockets of circumstances that called my integrity and competence to questioning. I equally realised that being a single parent to a daughter in an unfamiliar footprint can be a major shift in human experience and a daunting journey as you need to help your child to navigate day to day social situations, complex feelings, and developmental changes that life prescribes.
    Profoundly, life taught me to exhibit an abundance measure of resilience, compassion, determination, and above all empathy which my daughter sought from me. We formed an unbroken bond, shared in our joy and challenges as my closest friend and great confidant. She is and will always be a huge blessing to me and life successes. I celebrate you, Princess Adeola Ogunwusi for being the epitome of my strength and dignity. Your tenacity, doggedness, and unshakable optimism to be the best in life are unarguably lifelong lessons that I cherish in you.
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