TiwaSavage S*xtape surfaces moments after she assured fans they weren’t going to see it

    After days and too many hours of waiting for the alleged sextape, Singer Tiwa Savage went on stage to confidently break the hearts of perverts who have been anticipating .

    Tiwa who came on air to reveal that someone had been blackmailing her with her sextape which the got from her recorded sex with a significant other.

    A short video has been parading Twitter where everyone is wondering if that is Tiwa. Apparently they were all wrong, as the singer herself is letting them know that they won’t be seeing anything that looks like a sex tape with her in it.

    Which makes people wonder if there even was a sex tape to begin with, or it was just made up to fix a certain period of time and get a certain amount of attention..

    she said she wasn’t going to be blackmailed into paying up, but could it be that she has paid up already and has reached a compromise with the blackmailer? she seemed really confident saying that in the video below.

    However, whoever was in possession of the tape, felt the need to rub it in after she said that on stage, because they released the video on Twitter.

    So the twitter folks are right now feasting on it . You can’t unwatch it after watching it. This is saddening to see.

    Some people have even traced the outfit to a certain day they thought she wore the same outfit and looked alike. The man’s face wasn’t seen, but Tiwa’s Vijayjay and face were as clear as the light of day.

    Clearly the person with her consent, intentionally targeted the areas. Why are these women letting someone record them though? what is this era that has befallen us?

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