Couples can do crazy things to spice up their relationship – #Victoriainyama disagrees with #GeorginaOnuoha

    Following her statement about how a person who loves you won’t record you during intimate moment, Georgina Onuoha is getting an alternate opinion from her former colleague when both women were n Nigeria.

    Victoria Inyama wrote :

    Naaaaaass Sis @georginaonuoha I beg to disagree. what 2 consenting adults, whom I gather in a relationship for is absolutely their business!

    Just like if we talk on wassap, then one of us is recording the conversation…. couples should do crazy things to spice up their relationship… sharing it is the issue here not about love at all ma darling….

    People can also exhibit love for each other by any means /action…..There’s no guarantee on love but there should be guarantee on loyalty/respect …. content in the hands of the wrong person becomes a weapon .

    The former actress continued on her page :

    Na God bless us, we no kiiiiii anybori.Envy thus kills & can drive one to do evil….. Alot of people have lost it….. everyone talks and a full functioning adult often have sex…

    If i trust you enough to chat with you but you record it to share… To prove what exactly?that I chat to u?.or you lift a recording from someone’s video and you threaten… then share to prove what? that you’re better ?

    or you don’t (do)? the perosn wey God bless us blessed but you that is sharing VM/video need help desperately, typical actions of nitwits…Thank God I surround myself with humans …

    And how has you life improved after your sharing … I still love Tiwa… that which the enemy planned to shame always lifts us higher & Above… na do she do, she no kiii perosn , so go getta life.

    Your online best friend. I love to write, I hope you love to read.💝💖

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