#Somebody’s Son : #TravisBaker gets a #Kourtney tattoo

    #Somebody’s Son : #TravisBaker gets a #Kourtney tattoo

    Travis is the ideal man for Kourtney according to recent happenings. I only hope he can hold her down, since this will be his third marriage, and a countless Kardashian couple that just might not last.

    Kourtney is shining bright after this experience of her life time with Scott. Nine years later with three children, She is looking happy and has finally found some peace of mind and happiness.

    She brings happiness to alot of women by simply being herself out on these give and take streets.

    What Scott couldn’t do in 11 years of being with the first born and first daughter of the Kardashian clan, Travis is doing it for her.

    Now she is about to adopt a surname for the first time in her life .

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