Tension brew as Armed Men of the Nigerian Police force litter the Streets of Lagos in wait for #Endsars Protesters

    Armed Men of the Nigerian Police litter the Streets of Lagos in wait for #Endsars Protesters.

    With Boko Haram terrorist group member being pardoned on a daily basis and the bandits being forgiven and even given some token to help them start up their lives,

    it is super interested to know that this number of The Nigerian police have this much time to show up in their masses to lay in wait for the #Endsars protesters.

    They were taken unaware the last time, I don’t think they will be letting that happen this time around.

    I even had to say Hi go them while leaving my neighbourhood this morning before 6am.

    from @ijeomadaisy Nigerian Police are set to provide maximum security as Nigerian youths plan to shutdown Lekki Toll Gate tomorrow in memory of the lives lost on the 20-10-20.Youths will tomorrow, October 20th, roll up in cars in tollgate drive-through to remember EndSars fallen ”heroes”Falz made the revelation saying this will reduce police harrassment.He says something must just be done to remember them, depsite police several warnings about any gathering.He asked Nigerian youth to join them tomorrow at the tollgate and participate in the #EndSARS Memorial Car Procession.

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