#Tiktoker uses a video to backup his claim that #fastfood ice can make you sick

    #Tiktoker uses a video to backup his claim that #fastfood ice can make you sick

    Zoomed in water from an ice Machine

    A disturbing research from a simple TikTok video, posted by #itsonsite, has left many reviewing their ice order when eating out. According to them, the video was made by a tiktoker who was drawing attention to the issue

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    A video of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning worker exposing how some restaurants don’t constantly sanitize their ice machine, which can cause people to become sick, has been making its rounds throughout TikTok. The video posted by Jantheman____ has more than 2.5 million views with over 7,500 comments of disgusted TikTok users.

    The TikToker begins to explain how some people may think they caught food poisoning from restaurants; however, this TikToker says the sickness may be coming from the ice. He further explains that some restaurants fail to clean their ice machines; therefore, their ice is being produced by dirty water. He went on to show the water, adding, “It’s so, so dirty.”

    Some TikTokers are sickened by this viral video. One TikTok user wrote, “Officially scared of ice from restaurants.” Another TikTok user commented, “I worked at Panera bread for 3yrs. I’ve never seen or been told to even clean ice bin.” At the same time, another TikTok user, who has previously worked in the restaurant industry agreed. The user insinuated that the side sauces in containers aren’t sanitized properly either. They wrote, “As someone who has worked in the restaurant industry, this is 1000% correct. Also, side sauces in those small, black, plastic containers.”

    Clique, will you be accepting restaurant ice after watching this video?

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