#Sextape Saga: #TiwaSavage tells Nigerians it’s time to stop talking about it

    #Sextape : #TiwaSavage tells Nigerians it’s time to stop talking about her it. Sis Tiwa has taken the stone thrown at her, and used it to build a whole pavement.

    Our friend Tiwa whose sextape had a short flight around social media before it was pulled down, was said to have had a whole conversation about it on air, bragged to Nigerians about not being able to see it while she was on stage,

    then encouraging the Sextape release with that singular brag, then had an ugly cry when she realized people had seen it after it’s release, is now telling Nigerians it is enough.

    The Mother of one is handling the situation like the Man she has been advised to act like.The singer is getting the right attention with the act, as she is asking the whole World of about 7billion people, to let it go.

    She posted a cute all white photo of herself symbolising peace and tranquility, and urging you all to quit the gist.

    She wrote :

    “Charge that Shit to the game and never speak if it again”

    First of, filter has a part to play in that photo, secondly let’s move all the way on from here. But should we? Lol…

    Your online best friend. I love to write, I hope you love to read.💝💖

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