Boy Shunned by Community for his appearance begins a special needs school in #Rwanda

    from @blackculturenews_ Zanziman Ellie who ran away to spent most of time in the jungle and was shunned by his community now “suits up” every day before going to a special needs school.Zanziman Ellie fled his home in Rwanda to live in the jungle, and his story became well-known after a documentary about his life was aired on YouTube by Afrimax TV in February last year.

    A bullied boy who was raised in the jungle now suits up every day for school.Zanziman Ellie was born in 1999 and lived with his mum in the jungle in Rwanda. However, from an early age, he was bullied and shunned by his community because of his physical appearance.He was also denied access to education on the basis that he did not have the mental capacity to concentrate in class, and for this reason he was destined to spend his life foraging in the jungle.It is believed he has a condition called microcephaly, whereby a baby’s head is significantly smaller than expected, often due to abnormal brain development.

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