#LekkiTraffic : Chevron enroute VGC/Ajah may really not be the place to be – Gospel singer, #Nathanielblow

    LekkiTraffic : Gospel singer, Nathaniel Bassey shines light on the lows of being a Lagosian living on the Island.

    Trumpeter Mr Bassey, aka #Nathanielblow is clearly having something to say about the living condition of Lekki-Epe .

    Living in Lekki, especially after Chevron, with the recent traffic situation, can only be described as trials & tribulations . No one should be in such traffic consistently for a long time.

    And the issue is, people are still building. Developers are churning out houses. Blocks of flat, terraces, semi detached and detached houses by the day.

    And those who can afford these houses can afford to have at least 2 cars each. With the same road and little or no alternative routes.

    Meaning the volumes of people and vehicles in the axis keep mounting. So if my analysis is anything to go by,then Lekki and especially the upper end, Chevron enroute VGC/Ajah may really not be the place to be.

    I cants count the number of flights I’ve missed just because I live in Lekki. As I speak one is even on the line. And I’m not the type that will hire sirens to bulldoze people off the road.

    We need some very creative solution asap.Besides just road expansion.. Can we come up with some sleek and safe transportation alternative to discourage folks from driving their cars? (Uber was to do this. But today, even the Uber for me is MBA)

    While we also think of alternative routes.More enforceability of traffic rules. More personnel and sealing up and portions that slow down traffic.

    While we await the completion of the regional road linking phase1. just musing…

    And per attitude of road users… Yesterday I saw people with big church stickers on their bumper driving on the wrong side of the road.And you can’t help but ask if our brand of Christianity permits that.

    Your online best friend. I love to write, I hope you love to read.💝💖

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