#MariaChikeBenajamin stole my Sister’s husband Kelvin and is now sending her threats – #CubanaChiefpriest

    #MariaChikeBenajamin stole my Sister's husband Kelvin and is now sending her threats - #CubanaChiefpriest

    #MariaChikeBenajamin stole my Sister’s husband and is now sending her threats – #CubanaChiefpriest

    Just as we are noticing and congratulating BBN Maria for finding the money way her senior colleagues plough, after she flashed a wand of cash, it is now coming back to us that she infact found herself a Cubana circle man.

    According Cubana Chief Priest, Mariah has found herself in his family tree, stealing it’s fruits.

    The serial entrepreneur is not holding back word when he went straight for his half white igbo sister.

    Cubana Chief priest is indeed loud, but what he says are not always false.

    on his Instagram handle, he made a clear post advising wives, calling out maria, and accusing her of stealing his sister’s husband and sending her threats.

    He Wrote:

    @grandfish1 @Iam_lolofish_27 I get dollars for you. I get pounds for you, there is nothing sweeter than family, wives stay woke girls like @mariachikebenjamin are coming for your husband’s, she stole my sister’s husband as if that’s not enough, she is ending her threats,that I won’t let it slide, Kelvin I dey find una cr that Dubai nothing must happen to my sister.

    Reposted from @cubana_chiefpriest @grandfish1 @lam_lolofish_27 I Get Dollars For You, I Get Pounds For You, There Is Nothing Sweeter Than Family, Wives Stay Woke Girls Like @mariachikebenjamin Are Coming For Your Husbands, She Stole My Sisters Husband As If That’s Not Enough She Is Sending Her Threats, That I Won’t Let It Slide, Kelvin I Dey Find Una Come That Dubai Nothing Must Happen To My Sister #Mazi46Cows🐄

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