#Twitter user reveals the kind of wild animal that graced her home

    #Twitter user reveals the kind of wild animal that graced her fence

    A Twitter user has revealed the kind of crawling wild animal that graced her fence on a normal sunny day.

    While this may look strange to many, it is infact normal here in Lagos, following the fact that we are surrounded by water.

    I for one have lived in a compound where this same animal was seen with interval.

    The Lady narrated the story of her dog noticing the animal and barking to draw attention to it, which she ignored initially thinking it was a crab, before going ahead to check on the reason for the incessant barking.

    Soo… earlier today I was in a class and my dog started barking like crazyyyy, I even yelled “Oscar stop”, when I do that and he’s just tryna mess around, he stops; at least for a while.

    but my guy kept barking and barking like never before, that how I ran out and thisss!!!

    I mean he always barks when he sees a crab so I could swear it was a crab!! Man it was SO HUGE!! I could only take a pic from the distance Oscar was barking.

    People tried to help catch it but it pulled a 007 on ’em.

    I’m sleeping alone tonight , may the force be with me.

    Dear Vieve, Consider it a Halloween 🎃 visitor..

    Your online best friend. I love to write, I hope you love to read.💝💖

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