#RIP : #TokeMakinwa’s Sister #LadyMak mourns the Sister they lost recently

    RIP : #TokeMakinwa’s Sister #LadyMak mourns the Sister they lost recently

    from @ladymak_ My darling Aunty Ops !!!
    Never would I have thought that I would be writing a tribute in your honour so soon!!! You were a delight and a gift to the family.

    You stayed consistent to the very end Sis . I am so pained that I did not force my way to see you , I feel like I failed you Aunty Ops but I am grateful for our last conversation and how close we got over the last few years .

    Doodle you fondly called me , with your ebullient self . I can’t stop reading our messages and replaying the many voice notes Sis , did you know ?

    They all
    Look like clues to me right now ….Oh my you said all the best things .. ha Iku lo ro. How are we to carry on now ? You have left a deep hole and no family function can ever be the same.
    I celebrate all that you were to me sis , I am thankful that you never gave up on me .

    Thankful for all the many lovely advises . I celebrate your ambassadorship of Christ and how much you loved him and advanced the kingdom of heaven . I have no doubt that you walk the streets of gold.

    Aunty ops we are all deeply broken , who can ever comfort my brother Sir K , who will love the boys like you did ? This is so hard !!! But we bow to the sovereignty of GOD.

    I am glad I said I love you many times over , glad you believed me . Thank you for being the light always !!!
    I love you forever My namesake

    Rest in the bosom of the almighty whom you loved and served till the very end

    Your doodle

    Your online best friend. I love to write, I hope you love to read.💝💖

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