A heartbroken #TokeMakinwa writes about her recently deceased family member

    A heartbroken #TokeMakinwa writes about her recently deceased family member

    A bereaved #TokeMakinwa writes about her recently deceased family member

    from @tokemakinwa How do I eulogize you when your story is still being written? You are meant to be here, you had so many dreams,

    one of my favorite things about talking to you is how your eyes lit up when you talked about your writing, or how restless you’ll get when you say

    Her Deceased family member

    “Toke, I have to share my story, I have to do more, I’ve been asking God how to begin to share my journey of faith even in the middle of confusion”,

    Or is it when I’ll ask how you are still trusting God when it seems like nothing is happening and your response will be positive.

    You loved your God, you believed your God and like job, you never let your test determine your faith.

    But sis, you were only at the beginning, ki lo se le????

    How can life be so cruel? How can heaven open up the gates for you, it is not your time now, I have so many questions but who will answer them?

    Toke Makinwa

    You are such a light sis, you made this side of eternity a better place with you in it and I got so comfortable,

    I’ll return your call without urgency because you’re always here, I’ll push our meet up because you’ll always be around,

    I took you for granted so much because that’s what younger sisters do, we just live knowing you’ll always be here to protect us.

    I am so thankful to God that our paths crossed sis, you raised me.

    You opened the doors of your home, your heart is so full of kindness, you give grace to everyone,

    even those who don’t deserve it. When things hurt you, you not only forgive but you make excuses for those who hurt you, you cheered me on.

    There was no achievement that was too little, every single step I’ve taken has been with you cheering on, praying on, pushing on with me. ahhhhh iku o da o.

    Toke Makinwa

    Egbon mi, ore mi, how do I carry on? You have given me 3 children and I promise to raise them right.

    Your husband is broken, completely shattered but I promise to be there however.
    I promise to be in the lives of everyone you left behind sis,

    you always wanted me to make time and now, time is all I have. I pray so. I wouldn’t need a reminder from you to call the boys on their birthdays, I promise.

    I’m sorry sis, so sorry you had to leave us,
    I love you but your maker loves you most.
    Good night sis,
    I love you deep🕊

    Your online best friend. I love to write, I hope you love to read.💝💖

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