#Halloween : #ChloeBailey is the sexiest #BettyBob there ever was

    #Halloween : #ChloeBailey is the sexiest #BettyBob there ever was

    #Halloween : #ChloeBailey is the sexiest #BettyBob there ever was. Chloe literally chewed up that look and spat it out. She is Betty bob and bettybod is she.

    But what ever happened to the dreads. How did she pull this look together?

    The singer is effortlessly good looking . Boldly wearing her black body all in it glory and just like it was delivered to her by the almighty .

    from @chloebailey happy halloween from betty boop 💋😍🌹

    Chloe has been called out for trying too much to always look sexy, but I say, she is simply naturally sexy. it is something we just have to come to terms with, or pretend till we do.

    Her Halloween costume is definitely one of my favourites

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