Black 16-years-old girl goes missing while on School’s field trip

    Black 16-years-old girl goes missing while on School's field trip

    According to blog page #yourlossbae, Authorities are saying they have no leads on the 16 years old girl who went missing while on a field trip.

    Although a comment under the post is suggesting that the young lady has been found, but we can’t confirm that for now. The story according to sources is that :

    A 16-year old high school student is missing after a school JROTC field trip in Georgia this weekend. Mia Brailford was last seen by her roommate on the trip around 11:30 P.M. on November 6.

    Chaperones for Mia’s JROTC trip planned a daily 6:00 A.M check-in to make sure each participant was present and inspect their tent.

    The chaperones shocked to see that Mia was the only participant absent for the morning check in.

    Chaperones immediately noticed there was bigger issue at hand and contacted authorities to launch an investigation.

    The Upson County Sheriff’s office has yet to find Mia and urge anyone that may have information regarding the minor’s whereabouts to step forward.

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