Igbo Nigerian Man takes up work shift at the Airport minutes after arriving a new Country ✌️👍👏🤛

    Igbo Nigerian Man takes up work shift at the Airport minutes after arriving a new Country ✌️👍👏🤛

    Igbo Nigerian Man takes up shift at the Airport minutes after arriving a new Country ✌️👍👏🤛. First of, don’t come and me saying why do I have to emphasize it was an Igbo man. duhh,, For obvious reasons. Igbos are extremely hard working for their money and we all know that in the world.

    They are so good with their hands and brains that Harvard business school had to study then as a tribe and their ways in generational wealth and capital generation in business. #facts

    Going from being extreme poverty after the Biafran war, the Igbos started from below the scratch and are now considered the richest tribe of the nation Nigeria. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t some very bad beans, though, it just means that majority are super good.

    A man has shared a video narrated in Igbo) of his fellow Nigerian Man who was set to arrive a new Country at 1pm. When it was time he headed for the airport to go pick him up.

    He gave update 6hours later that the man he was picking up has found a way to call him right there from the airport that he has started working at the airport by helping the luggage if passengers, since the original owner of the job was no where to be found, and slit was desperately needed to be filled.

    he even went further ahead to inform his fellow Nigerian Brother who came to pick him up, that he can go back home,😂 that he has decided to pick up the night shift and work all through the night.

    You see youths from Nigeria are super hardworking.They are ready to work for the whole day non stop if they find a country that looks out for them.

    That guy has started his work already. He doesn’t know anyone in that airport, but God and the works of his hand. Coming from a land with nothing to offer you as it’s citizen to a place where your hard work automatically determines your effort. That Airport will be blown away with how much work that man will do for them, how fast he will grow, and how famous he will be. Do not play with an Igbo man and his money. Hard work is in their blood, and it was passed down from their Ancestors .

    Reposted from @thephenomenal_girl Don’t play with Igbo guys🤣😂

    He said his friend called him to come wait for him at the airport that their flight will land by 1pm. He’s been there since 1pm and the guy was nowhere to be seen.

    The guy later showed up by 7pm to tell him that their flight landed since 1pm but he saw an available job of carrying luggages for people for a fee and he jumped on it immediately 😂

    This is someone that just came into the country for the first time. He told his guy to go home that he’ll be working night shift🤣


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