Rapper #ChrisBrown expands brand into the #FoodIndustry

    Rapper #ChrisBrown expands brand into the #FoodIndustry

    Rapper #ChrisBrown expands brand into the #FoodIndustry. The father of two is not just doing the usual fashion and music, he is trying out his luck in something different, to make the billions like his Ex, Rihanna.

    The Breezys Cosmic Crunch

    According @thejasminebrand Chris Brown is the latest rapper to expand his brand into the food industry.

    The 32-year-old entertainer has teamed up with SoFlo Snack to create his own limited-edition cereal called ‘BREEZY’S COSMIC CRUNCH.’

    Starting tomorrow (November 11) fans will be able to preorder the $23.99 box of cereal. Chris Brown shared the exciting news about his latest business venture via his Instagram page late last night (November 9).

    People who purchase a box of Chris Brown’s cereal have a chance to win a FaceTime call from the rapper, SoFlo Snack gift card,

    an autographed box from Chris, free boxes of cereal, or a gift card to a clothing store.

    These Stars know just how to get these fans agitated and hungry for more, literally.

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