#Cavities can be contagious through kissing – #Dentist

    #Cavities can be contagious through kissing - #Dentist

    A very huge number of humans appreciate kissing so much. But do you know that Cavities can be contagious through kissing – #Dentist?

    This is being brought to our attention by the good old registered dentist Jasmine. She asked that we shared this with friends, and you all are my friends so here we go friends.

    Reposted from @jasminerdh MORE KISSING TIPS👄👇🏾🚫Avoid kissing if you – or they – have mouth sores. Mouth sores are highly contagious.🚫Avoid kissing if a person hasn’t had their teeth cleaned in a long time.🚫Avoid brushing your teeth immediately before or after kissing. This can cause micro-cuts in your gums and put you at risk for an infection.✅ Keep your oral pH in check by taking dental probiotics daily.✅Have a consistent and thorough oral hygiene routine (morning and night).✅Get your teeth cleaned and your mouth examined routinely to protect yourself and others.SHARE THIS INFO WITH A FRIEND🤍

    Your online best friend. I love to write, I hope you love to read.💝💖

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