Mother and Child both without Surname remember their beloved Matriarch

    Mother and Child both without Surname remember their beloved Matriarch

    Mother and Child both without Surname remember their beloved Matriarch

    from @thereal_holliwood No amount of time can lessen the hurt I feel on this day. November 26, 2014 , my life changed forever. Losing my mom was the type of loss that alters your entire life. The way I think is different and the way I love is harder. ❤️

    Everything I do, I do with my mother in mind. She was my biggest fan and biggest supporter, my best friend. I was never judged or scolded for being myself. I was never misunderstood, I could always come to my mother for any and everything.

    I look at my son and see her everyday and I know she’s there . He knows who his grandma is and I’ll never let him forget that.

    The pain that I witnessed my mother in takes it’s toll on me daily. I can’t forget what I’ve seen and how it all ended. 🥺

    Mom, you really made me into a strong, Independent, free, loving and caring woman. But the best part about you is that you were a perfect example on how to be a mother and for that, I thank you . Because of you I will be the best mother to Oćean.

    Todays is the 7th year my mother has been physically gone and the holidays don’t get any better but strength runs in these veins and no matter what momma, I’m never giving that up.

    If your mom is alive, HUG HER for me. 🤞🏽

    Reposted from @thereal_holliwood The holidays are just an extreme pull on my heart. My mother was/is my best friend. The epitome of support and love. The definition of a ride or die. Every magazine I was in , she’d buy all of them and show me off. I was blessed with one of the most kindness, wholesome , hilarious and supportive women in the world. I never thought I would have a biological kid but seeing my mother sick , I wanted her to have a grandchild . Sadly, she wasn’t able to meet him. I look at my son everyday and he looks so much like her. Mom, you’ve made me into an amazing woman but more so an amazing mother. I miss you so much and I hope that wherever you are, you’re still showing your grandson and I off. Depression is no joke, just make sure you are aware and feel every emotion. Rip Momma H ❤️

    Your online best friend. I love to write, I hope you love to read.💝💖

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