#THESUNDAYNEWSPAPER #April 13th #1997 : I don’t believe in one Nigeria – #Tinubu

    #THESUNDAYNEWSPAPER #April 13th #1997 : I don't believe in one Nigeria - #Tinubu

    #THESUNDAYNEWSPAPER #April 13th #1997 : I don’t believe in one Nigeria – #Tinubu

    Our Lagos Daddy, daddy Tinubu, is trying to be a president but the things he said when he didn’t know he would one day want to be a President.

    The baba said things and one of them is that he doesn’t believe in one Nigeria. He has granted this interview and it came out at April 13th 1997. See the whole passage said. Baba looked so young back then. He has been on this money making love for the longest.

    so how come the baba that didn’t believe in one Nigeria is now wanting to be the President and seeking the support of the north.

    what is the difference between him and his idea and that of the Igbos who are looking to be president and don’t believe in one Nigeria? #Justsaying

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