Locally made #electricbuses reportedly now in use in #Maiduguri #Borno

    Locally made #electricbuses reportedly now in use in #Maiduguri #Borno

    Locally made #electricbuses reportedly now in use in #Maiduguri #Borno .

    While the economic/financial/business capital of Nigeria is struggling to get by, following it’s residents who are working class and bad ass hustlers from dwen to dusk, The train, large land masses, electric cars and other modern facilities are direct to the North.

    That’s all I have to say. I has happened, it is still happening and it is going to still happen. It is becoming a little too obvious that attention and finances go to the North, because they are the favourite children of the United Kingdom.

    Well, let’s get back to reality. The story was posted by Charles Onuoha an innovation influencer on LinkedIn, and he wrote :

    Locslly made electric buses are now being used in Maiduguri, the Borno state capital. The buses collect N50 per drop instead if the N100 charged by others.

    They are produced right in Maiduguri by a young man known as Mustapha Gajibo who dropped out of University.

    Nigerina arr happenyot see the bsues being charged at charging points. Some say this shows that it is possible for great technological innovations to happen in Nigeria.

    There is hope for Nigeria to be a well developed country.

    Big Kudos to this young Engineer.

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